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  1. Your sig is good. Two things though: 1) The signature size limit for this site is 500x150 2) Where did all the brushes and c4d's go? Apart from that there's nothing wrong with it
  2. New sig. Please comment and give me constructive criticism.
  3. Can anyone give me some feedback please?
  4. I'll do that. Check out My Gallery. It's got a lot of stuff in there from my early days but there are some decent (i think) things in there.
  5. I thought you'd used c4d's in it. I was thinking "Wow that lighting effect is awsome... I should get him to make a tut. Oh wait. It's probably some C4D's." Once again, really, really nice work
  6. You've got some awsome work in here. My two favourites are: Hidden Content: And Did you use a c4d on the edge of the planet in the second one?
  7. Made a new sig. Final Fantasy Sig What do you think?
  8. New sig: Christmas Sig (For a different forum)
  9. Lol, thanks. The only thing that bothers me with it is that the writing is on the inside of the ring too. I couldn't be bothered fixing it though.
  10. Thanks Helen. My interests lean towards signature making but sometimes i just make some random pics. Hidden Content: Lol, typo. :?
  11. I added some things into the tutorial category that i found sitting in my hardrive.
  12. I like your work Zwicky, nice effects and colours. If you don't mind me asking, how did you achieve this effect?(the background) It looks awsome.
  13. Oops. Forgot about that. Just so you know, i'm not a troll. I just overlooked a rule. My bad. Can a mod lock this thread then please?
  14. I usually post my result(s) after i'm finished the tut. The thing is i never get any feedback on it. I made that "colorful one" from the hexagrid tutorial. I finished the tut then just messed around a bit.
  15. I've updated my gallery and changed the layout.
  16. The icon's look good but, there's one thing you've forgotten. Aliasing :AntiAliasingOn: . That picture would look a whole lot better if it wasn't like this: :AntiAliasingOff: . Also if they were a bit more shiny? Apart from that there's nothing wrong with them.
  17. 1. Don't double post and say that no one likes it only 14 minutes after you created the thread. 2. There's nothing wrong with your avatar, but you should really start exploring all the possibilities of Paint.Net. Your work should be your own not someone elses. So when you do create something good, you can feel good about it.
  18. Two new additions to my gallery (which i had forgotten about) after a looooooooong time. Enjoy Infamous Signature: Prototype Signature:
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