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NEW: 'Black, White, and Sepia Spacescape'!


As usual, if anyone wants a 1366x768 version, you can d-load off of deviant-art or PM me.

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I concur. The texture on the planet adds dimension and interest to the whole picture. It looks a bit like the ground is layered, somewhat like waffles stacked atop one another. The cascade of stars also adds movement to the piece, since they become greatly more prominent and dimensional on the right side of the image, fully balancing out the flare of the sun on the left.


Click on my signature image for my gallery | hmmmm...

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@ChrisCo - Thank you.

@ZizOiz - Welcome back! (I have never seen you before on the forums, but welcome back) Anyways, thank you for the accurate, detailed, and helpful critique. I am happy that you noticed the little details that I made to enhance the image. Much appreciated.

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