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Thanks, here is the incorporated piece, as promised:



100% PdN.

Inspired by how I feel about my life lately, setting too high expectations and falling short of them, alternatively, having a chance to do something good and mess up.

Hope it speaks to you somehow.

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Brilliant image - really like the concept. Very well done.

Don't get too discouraged. Some people don't even have expectations...they never do anything at all. I find that so very sad.

I always aim high & know that I did the very best. Yes, it is only small consolation at times.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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great idea CSM. and boy have we all been there at one point or another..(story of my life really..falling short!)

doesn't' help when you're 4foot nothing in height :mrgreen::mrgreen:

love the t.v.( I remember them like that..black and white too!) :(

regards j.d.

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Thank you all, for the comments and the encouragement.

@Chrisco - I guess that's life... and thank you for the comment...

@L3ron - Deal! :P

@hexratt - Probably not. Thank you. Also, your Iron Man 2 war machine image was one of the inspirations for the TV.

@barbieq - Thank you, and I try to push it off and keep my thoughts from interfering. I also aim high, but as you said, only sometimes when you succeed, do you know it was worth the effort.

@j.d. - Thank you very much, and yeah, we've all been there.

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That's why I don't gamble. Rolling the chance when the odds are stacked against you? No offense, but I'll take a check I work for by sweats, blood, tears, and a few choice swear words.

Seriously though, I like the television set. I remember those way back. I used to help my grandmother set the VCR when it first came out, and I was 8 years old!

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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