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Yeah, alpha mask and it's potential gives me headaches, haha. I'm not very familiar with alpha mask and have never used it in any of my works, except in tutorials. I also never used HF/NM until I started using your cobblestone texture. I love how it gives a texture so much more.... texture..... to it.

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Also, if you'd like to know how I did my tile texture in my sig/avatar, here's a short tut:

1. Make a canvas any size you like.

2. Pick a primary color and a secondary color. It doesn't matter what you use, as long as they don't contrast too much.

3. Run clouds at high scale and low roughness (I used 700-800 scale and 0.15-0.30 roughness).

4. Distort-->Crystallize at default settings, but the crystals can't be too big or too small (default size should work for default canvas, but since I had my canvas 4x my actual image, I used something like 30 for the size).

5. Distort-->Tile reflection at default settings and angle at 0.00. You can mess with the tile size if you want, though.

6. Now duplicate the layer, and run Height field to normal map with about 6-7 bumpiness.

7. Set layer blend mode to overlay and ctrl+shift+g to black and white. Then merge the two layers.

8. Now use your cobblestone tutorial

9. Set the blend mode of the cobblestone layer to overlay, and run Distort-->Tile reflection again. Use the same settings as you did the first time, or it won't work.

10. Merge the layers together.

11. Duplicate your texture layer (your texture should all be on one layer now), and run HF/NM again, at roughly the same bumpiness. ctrl+shift+g for B&W again. Then merge!

12. You're done! If you don't like the color of your tiles, you can go to Color-->Color flip/rotate and choose a different color setting that appeals to you.

Edit: Wow, that's a really good, realistic looking concrete texture! I'd have to see if I could do that, sometime.

Edit2: forgot a few parts in the tut. if you have questions, just PM me. I might actually make this a full scale tut in the textures section when I get time.

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Interesting, I'll be sure to try this one. FYI I copy-pasted it into a .txt file for future reference.

edit - which layer are you talking about?

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