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ραиđeмøиıυм's Image Emporium

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Also here are some of my older sig's I managed to find.


my 1st PDN sig ever.



2nd PDN sig


Ripped the guy there from fansite kit but rest is mine. Here is the original Render, http://photodocking.com/pics/b5ed8a3c7b24dbb5fa667fbd9abefdc3.png<-2MB


This was also for a black background, Looks horrible on white :x

That's about all i could find out of my PDN works that i didn't lose.


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you should make some new ones

Working on it.

Woah! how did you make your 1st and 2nd sigs?

For the 2nd ones the orange/red I used Dent effect with Blur on many layers and kaleidoscope for the far left section combined again with Blur > Dent, then used a Fire effect then again using Dent.

I cannot remember exactly how i got the text the way it is.

I wish i could explain exactly how i made it from start-->finish but i lost all my RAW PDN files for most of these, except my current sig and the one in 1st post.


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You have some really interesting works here, ραиđeмøиıυм, I really like the colour depth in all of the signatures and I especially like the last signature that you featured here in your gallery. I suggest however, that you move on to something beyond signatures as I can see real potential in all of these works of art.

Your first Paint.NET signature is outstanding. If I was making stuff like that when I started out I wouldn't be worried in the slightest. The text is really interesting and so is the background. I like how you have used the transparency in all of your current pieces.

In the one with the render. I love the way you got that text to look, great glow and interesting font. Do you know what font it is? You've arranged it so that it looks really realistic. Love this one.

Your current signature is also really imaginative and it uses good blending.

Overall, great work, great use of transparency and I can't wait to see more of your stuff.

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