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PNG export control

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When saving a file as PNG or GIF, it would be great to be able to change, merge or delete specific colors, as it happens in Photoshop.

For instance, it may not matter having pixels with #0000ff and others with #4000ff. Perhaps just one of those colors would be satisfactory (or better). Fine tuning it allows not just a smaller file but also a better visual result.

Given the frequency I put images online, this is a major drawback in Paint.Net.

Still, great work!

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Both *.PNG and *.GIF formats give you transparency and dithering options in the save dialog, but not specific control of individual colors.

You could save as a *.JPG and play with the quality setting.

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Images that aren't created from scratch, when saved as PNG\GIF to be placed online, may have pixels with, for instance, several shades of black (ie. several dark greys), all more or less looking the same but different, never the less. Being able to convert those to a single color would improve the end result. Likewise, often (always?) a scanned image comes with pixels with -- I'm not sure what to call them (English is not my mother language) -- off or odd colors. What I meant with "fine tuning" is just this: being capable of eliminating those artifacts, with complete control in preview mode, when saving the file.

In Photoshop, using "Save for web" and then choosing PNG allows that.

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