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transparency select tool?

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You can either select a pixel or not. How are you going to partially select a pixel?

You can set the tolerance of tools like the magic wand :MagicWandTool: using the tolerance slider in the toolbar.

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EER: Image editing programs that support this do it by weighting the Alpha layer based upon the distance from the selection boundary. Paint.NET does not currently support soft selections.

gokussj: if I'm understanding your question correctly, you should be able to mimic this effect with BoltBait's Gaussian Blur + plugin. You'll have to create your hard Alpha boundary first (you could do this with BoltBait's Transparency plugin by creating your selection and dropping the Alpha of that selection to 0), then run the Gaussian Blur + on the Alpha channel to fade the Alpha evenly from the edges of the selection you created previously.

Note that you should run any effects on the layer to which this effect will be applied beforehand. This is pretty much a finishing step, though you can use the Transparency plugin to recover the layer data by increasing the Alpha.

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thanks that anwsers my question.

I used a tool like that once on HP photo something I don't remember exactly what it was called. I tend to get distracted easily so I really can't work on something longer then maybe 20minutes tops, and that made things faster. I can't use the program anymore because it was trial or something, basically it doesn't work anymore.

Anyways thanks for your time guys/girls.

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