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Graffiti on a wall

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


In this tut i'll show you guys how to make graffiti on a wall!

It's very easy and you can make in like 5 minutes!


- a picture of wall (i take this one: http://www.reinforcedearth.com/Photos/A ... r%20MN.jpg)

- a good text font: http://www.dafont.com

Step 1:

Make a new image (500x250)

step 2:

paste the picture of the wall in the background


step 3:

Make a new layer and type your text in it.

Then select layers > rotate/zoom

Now try to find the good position and lower the opacity to around 80.

finished product: (added some extra effects)


Please post your outcomes!

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Sweet. I like the font too! I was just going to post for the name of it (and/or link) but I saw the link. That's what most thread's need, if they use a specific font, to post the link if they know it.

I over explained. Anyway, that's pretty cool. 8)

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