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  1. Thanks Djisves ! that's more or less the effect i wanted something like this rainbow
  2. Is there a plugin like "Light Rays" but instead of giving it that 3d effect, it's just 2d bars in the angle/size of your choice? i tried searching it up but a whole bunch of threads having nothing to do with it keep popping up and the plugin index My apologies if there's another post with the same topic please link me to it if so
  3. I don't have the Effect strength or the true feather option anymore I don't have the Effect strength or the true feather option anymore
  4. The most important one says: " ! C;\User\(name)\AppData\Local\Temp\CurtisBlack.Common.3.5.beta.1.zip: Cannot create CurtisBlack.Common.dll" And Below that it says "! Access is denied" Does that help? (obvioulsly I was downloading Curtis' Plug-in Pack)
  5. I'm not sure if another user has asked this already, but if they did, point me to the right link. Recently I purchased a new computer that runs Windows 7.(I used to have windows XP). When I first received the computer the computer(Thursday February 11), the first thing i did was Install Paint.net. It is now that I'm trying to install new effects and I get the following message when extracting the files the the "effects" folder: I'm not sure what I am supposed to do. Please help as soon as possible.
  6. Good Job on this tutorial here's my go at it
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