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  1. Wow guys, this is awesome, I just got on here after forever and found out all the cool stuff you made. Glad you liked the tutorial
  2. Yay!!! That was good, but it needs more... pizazz. You nailed the effect, but there's no text or anything. The way you did it would probably work better for a buisness card anyway. I'm glad my tutorial is being used for kewl stuff like that
  3. Um, sorry, but I don't think this is the place for it. Phantom, that's cool, but it just looks like a human wearing a suit. I was trying to go for like an "abstract art" feel XD Chaos, nice job, but the top of the picture is kinda cut off. Other than that, good jobs! BTW, here's the first pic that started it all
  4. Is pumping his rawkfist.

  5. Hello? Pictures? Oh, and btw Remi, does this mean I can join Artists of Robloxia? I'm Secretplot45 :wink:
  6. *Ignores first comment* Thanks! EER, I reuploaded my pics, they should work now! NOW LET'S SEE SOME PICTURES!!!
  7. Lol, sorry. I'm getting them on Photobucket now!
  8. LOL, great! Glad to see some positive messages
  9. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Difficulty: 4/10 Plugins needed: Seismograph Optional Plugins: Sharpen Water Reflection Planet Kosmos (the font I used) Outline Object This is my first tutorial so please bear with me. My first few post on the forum have been noobish, so this is kinda my way of redeeming myself 😉 Hello! Today I’ll be showing you how transform a person into… THIS! Start off with your photo, I’ll be using this: You can sharpen it or something, for good measu
  10. It looks good, but it doesn't look like its ON the wall. Just like.. Floating in front of it. Yea... I can see whatcha mean. I'll fix it when I remember :wink:
  11. pic link is broken =S It says: The image or video has been moved or deleted Oh oops. Here you go.
  12. pic link is broken =S No it's not, I can still see it
  13. Veeery interesting! I don't think I could get mine THAT realistic. Anyway, here's my Graffiti.
  14. Very nice! Here's my outcome. Crimsonine FTW.
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