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Graffiti on a wall

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Funny story about this...

It wasn't until I saved it that I noticed that the name of the original file was "danger-brick-wall.jpg". How ironic.

I used trail for the yellow run-off. Cross Processing for the color effects on the background.



After Tutorial:


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I don't mean to Hijack, but I have an idea to improve this (I can't test it though because I'm at school).

My thought is to:

Duplicate wall layer

Adjustments -> Black/White

Set to "Overlay"

Place text between Duplicated Wall and the Background Wall

Adjust Brightness/Contrast on Background Wall to Darken it back down to a a regular appearance

Don't adjust transparency (unless maybe going for a worn look?)

My thought is that this would make it look like you've covered the wall in paint, but the Overlay layer will still give the illusion of the cracks/lighting on the wall so it looks natural.

But it might be difficult to keep the brightness normal. Setting that Upper layer to "Overlay" will definitely make the Background layer very bright.

Maybe this is overkill though, I'm looking at all the other pictures following your steps and I'm quite impressed

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Nicely done Xia!

I've cleaned up the image tags for you. When posting large images, you can include just the URL, that way a clickable link is created.

Welcome to the forum :)

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