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  1. I was bored so I decided to make a sig on my brother's pc. Rate + tips?
  2. It's a mix of 2 C4D renders but I edited them a little in PDN.
  3. Well, here it is, my first try at a wallpaper. I made this foer my fans and myself. (I'm DJ so just wanted to give a quik little thing to them I mix/produce tekstyle songs) Hope you like it. ^^
  4. Don't fool us, you just went out and took a picture of a wall with graffiti on it. Or didn't you? :blink:
  5. Enjoy my first gallery 100% made in paint.NET Most of the pics were made for an online browser game involving clans and stuff v1: v2: Comment & Rate please
  6. Awesome outcome, but I didn't understand half of what you said xD
  7. Nice one but I wouldn't have kept you from putting the ocapacity a little bit lower
  8. pic link is broken =S It says: The image or video has been moved or deleted
  9. Looks awesome :shock: But try to put it a little bit more onto the wall. Now it's coming a bit of the wall. Hard to explain :s Looks awesome tough
  10. Yep, I used to save my pics as .JPEG to but .PNG is much better quality!
  11. Much better than before Btw, what is the image in the text?
  12. No problem It's always nice to hear someone say that
  13. Do you have your text on a transparent background? Did you use the magic wand tool on the background layer and then went to the layer with the image?
  14. Well, I hope you will find answers on this forum And I welcome you to the community
  15. I'm amazed! :shock: Why?I followed your steps. o.o The only thing i did different was the opaticity, and i added a drop shadow. Yeh but this one looked so real to me :shock:
  16. Awesome! Lol we got someone were i live that writes "trip" to.
  17. If you would like to see other ones like this just send me a pb
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