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  1. Here's my try. I added the 5-point stars because circles only...just bores me.
  2. Lol...well ummm thanks ! I show this to my friend and she said pretty much the same thing.
  3. I'm amazed! :shock: Why?I followed your steps. o.o The only thing i did different was the opaticity, and i added a drop shadow.
  4. Lol Thanks ,and whats with the wink :??Winks make me feel so uncomfortable. :oops:
  5. This is gonna be very very helpful for my future signatures.:DThanks for sharing!
  6. I put my greatest efforts into these pictures.Now then,Viewers I want you! Yes YOU, to comment on any of the pictures and give me advice on how to improve some pictures,etc.Also you can say which pictures you like,hate,adore,etc.Also tell me why you like,hate,adore,etc. them. Also rate them on a scale of 1-10. By rating them and commenting and telling me what to work on, can help me make better pictures in the future. Thank you very very much ! .:signatures:. Hidden Content: .:avatars:. Hidden Content: .:backgrounds/wallpaper:.(pictures are big) Hidden Content: .:random stuff,before & after's,etc:. Hidden Content: Before After!
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