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Need help with soft "hand tinted" look to images please

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I have searched in vain for help in achieving this look and have tried and tried with no luck so here goes!


Could anyone point me to a tutorial or give instructions to get this effect please. As many others do I found this as a tutorial for another program and have tried to recreate it with paint.net as I love the program. As is common though obviously not all commands are the same and as a novice I get stuck lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not worried about the masking etc more the technique in the photo

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No need for a tutorial. Just go into Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and turn the Saturation down. :-)

Maybe add in a little bit of the Pleasantville effect, and you're golden!


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Amy: But how did it end up in there?
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No need for a tutorial. Just go into Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and turn the Saturation down.
Additionally, perhaps upping the contrast slightly will better simulate the exampled effect after desaturation (Adjustments > Brightness / Contrast, around 10-15 dependant on the image).
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Hey guys! Thanks so much for your advice, have been trying the tips and all certainly help but not sure they achieve that soft dreamy quality the picture I posted has. I am soooo close!

Most times you can translate steps from one graphics program to another but the instructions in the original tutorial used a blending process called "soft light" which from what I can see isnt available in pdn blenmding modes and this is where perhaps the final touches to this will make it closer to this dreamy look. I tried gaussian blur with limited success. Am wondering too if perhaps you also need a dreamy picture lol, perhaps mine isnt. Would love your feedbackHere is another example of it "before and after:


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OK using the above response gives a good result but not as soft as the result I am looking for.

Using the same picture in the example I have reproduced a finished product and put

it next to the finished product look using the "other" graphics program lol.... can you see the difference.... so much softer and with yet more colour in places

PDN ........................................... Other


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Bark this was where I saw the idea and tried to recreate in pdn as I said after lots of playing and samples I am close but yet to achieve the right look...


Thanks again for your help guys... many hands make light work! :mrgreen:

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