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  1. This is such a fun effect.... If you are "one eyed" about something here's a great way to show it lol You can get great images to use from Flair buttons, already rounded!
  2. Thank you guys, enjoyed seeing your results and hearing how people enjoy trying it. Just an aside, Tom the Troll, a couple of things that will help.... Your photo is way too big for the forum, might want to save a smaller version for the forum :-) When you look at the negative spaces behind the weaves you will see the doubling of the shadows..... as mentioned in the last steps you need to elminate the doubling by selecting the shape deleting before you flatten your image.
  3. Thanks for the inspiration pdnnoob.... same setting different effect....
  4. Oh Thanks pdnnoob I dont feel quite so stupid now... I love the way yours looks and it certainly opens up different avenues for effects on each strip and the overal effects as well.
  5. Well that would be because I love reinventing the wheel! Or probably truthfuly that I had no idea there was such a thing! Sorry... cant see where to remove the post now.... how do I do that?
  6. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I came across this technique and decided to have a go at it in pdn. I love the results and thought you might too! Your result should be this First thing we will do is open our image and add a new layer. To this layer we are going to add a grid (render...grid). This grid should be even across the image and start and end gridlines at all edges. You need to mark your grid to show foreground only. I try and keep the grid lines to a managable level but you can use as many as you wish. Using this grid we are going to copy strips of vertical and horizontal rows and columns into new layers. Having your active layer on the original image and using the grid as a guide, copy and paste double strips into new layers. In between each double strip leave a single strip. Each new strip will need to be labeled vertical strip 1...2 etc, same for horizontal. You will end up with layers looking like this. When you have all your strips you will need to add a drop shadow to each in turn. Width I used is 7 and Blur 10 with axis both on zero. Change this according to your personal preferences. (On doing more of these I can see you can merge all the vertical strips into 1 layer and the horizontal as well, this will give you less layers to struggle with) After you have applied all your drop shadows you will have something resembling this. This is where you will have to select sections from each strip to copy and paste into new layers over the top of the opposing layer. I like to start at the focal point and choose a section on a horizontal layer to lay over a vertical layer. Copy from the horizontal layer and then paste into a new layer postioned above the appropriate vertical layer. (These "over strips" can also be placed in one layer at the top of your layer list if you wish) Do this as you look at your image alternating an under over weave pattern. When copying choose rectangle select and start and end in the middle of the cut out squares. You will notice that each time you paste a section over that part of the drop shadow duplicates along with it. Clean this up by cutting away excess shadow sections. You can then flatten your image and add a background layer colour etc or as I did a border around the image. Have fun.
  7. Just trying this out, works very well. Added a bevel edge to each section as well. Thanks :-)
  8. Hey there, wanted to share some of my outcomes with the pdn community and grab some feedback. Hope you like my work as I love delighting over the amazing creations people share in here. Thanks :-) The popping out technique really lends itself to some photos and I just cannot resist... and along the same lines, the object doesnt always have to pop "out" I kinda liked this "jumping in"
  9. Had done some of these before and decided to revisit and do some more. Never fails to impress to me... but then it doesnt always take much lol
  10. YES! Thank you it's almost what I need.... but it's for an image not for text, I also need the curl in the book on both sides of the image and in reverse if you know what I mean. For example I want to place MY image over the one below:
  11. Hey guys, Am wondering if anyone has a solution to my question. I have jpg images I want to appear like open book pages. I dont want just a corner turning along one edge but to have the image look like an open book page. Can anyone help please?
  12. OK see if I can explain in this... say my picture has a child on the beach much like the sample I posted earlier.... and the mask is the same as the one used. How can I "move" the mask over the part of the picture I want it to show. ie not chop her head off. When I downloaded that particular mask and open it as a separate image, it opens as just the one image.... yet when I open the same mask over the alpha masked picture it suddenly turns into 8 masks.... all on the one photo. I am sure this has something to do with the size of each image... does that sound right? Do they have to be the same size? Some of the masks dont show up at all.... is there a rule of type of file accepted... or does the mask have to be the same size as the image you want to cover? Just made another discovery which probably wasnt helping me, some of the masks are not black/white but a png with no colour so when I filled in with white they worked. Yippeee I am making headway :-) OK figured out a way to do it... which I am sure is a long winded route to achieve the same effect by opening the mask then adding the photo in another layer to get positioning and size right, then delete the mask and apply as per your method. Am a happy and relieved girl. You are a champion to persevere with me, thanks.
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