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  1. This is such a fun effect.... If you are "one eyed" about something here's a great way to show it lol You can get great images to use from Flair buttons, already rounded!
  2. Thank you guys, enjoyed seeing your results and hearing how people enjoy trying it. Just an aside, Tom the Troll, a couple of things that will help.... Your photo is way too big for the forum, might want to save a smaller version for the forum :-) When you look at the negative spaces behind the weaves you will see the doubling of the shadows..... as mentioned in the last steps you need to elminate the doubling by selecting the shape deleting before you flatten your image.
  3. Thanks for the inspiration pdnnoob.... same setting different effect....
  4. Oh Thanks pdnnoob I dont feel quite so stupid now... I love the way yours looks and it certainly opens up different avenues for effects on each strip and the overal effects as well.
  5. Well that would be because I love reinventing the wheel! Or probably truthfuly that I had no idea there was such a thing! Sorry... cant see where to remove the post now.... how do I do that?
  6. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I came across this technique and decided to have a go at it in pdn. I love the results and thought you might too! Your result should be this First thing we will do is open our image and add a new layer. To this layer we are going to add a grid (render...grid). This grid should be even across the image and start and end gridlines at all edges. You need to mark your grid to show foreground only. I try and keep the grid lines to a managable level but you can use as many as you wish. Using this grid we
  7. Just trying this out, works very well. Added a bevel edge to each section as well. Thanks :-)
  8. Hey there, wanted to share some of my outcomes with the pdn community and grab some feedback. Hope you like my work as I love delighting over the amazing creations people share in here. Thanks :-) The popping out technique really lends itself to some photos and I just cannot resist... and along the same lines, the object doesnt always have to pop "out" I kinda liked this "jumping in"
  9. Had done some of these before and decided to revisit and do some more. Never fails to impress to me... but then it doesnt always take much lol
  10. YES! Thank you it's almost what I need.... but it's for an image not for text, I also need the curl in the book on both sides of the image and in reverse if you know what I mean. For example I want to place MY image over the one below:
  11. Hey guys, Am wondering if anyone has a solution to my question. I have jpg images I want to appear like open book pages. I dont want just a corner turning along one edge but to have the image look like an open book page. Can anyone help please?
  12. OK see if I can explain in this... say my picture has a child on the beach much like the sample I posted earlier.... and the mask is the same as the one used. How can I "move" the mask over the part of the picture I want it to show. ie not chop her head off. When I downloaded that particular mask and open it as a separate image, it opens as just the one image.... yet when I open the same mask over the alpha masked picture it suddenly turns into 8 masks.... all on the one photo. I am sure this has something to do with the size of each image... does that sound right? Do they have to
  13. OMG the penny has dropped!!! I finally get it Myrddin thank you heaps. but..... you knew this was going to happen didnt you lol. OK my individual mask now comes up 8 fold when I choose the mask and I dont know how to manipulate it to fit over the part of the picture I want or to make it only appear once. I tried playing with the size of the mask and applying but then lost it altogther. Any tips there for me?
  14. At the risk of looking like a complete moron here.......... I dont see how this makes the transformation from mask to photo! I want this : to become this: The white background on the mask disappears and the photo "attaches" itself to the mask (or black sections). I cant see the corelation between the video tutorial and an end result.
  15. I do have curves and curves+ and I still dont know how to apply the steps you posted.... sorry. This is an example of how it is explained on a tutorial for Photoshop that I find easy to understand but cannot "translate" into pdn. The instructions for using these masks are very simple. Step 1. Open your photo in PSE. Step 2. Select the photo mask you wish to use, and open it in PSE. Step 3. Drag the photo onto the photo mask so that it is the layer above the photo mask. Step 4. Select ctrl+g to clip it together. Step 5. To use it in a layout, select Layer--> Merge Visible. Step 6. Dr
  16. Hmmmm dont know what to say to this.... I already have the mask..... example posted. I can find curves... direct mode I cannot even see under either curves headings, have no idea what draw a negative line means. Nor how to step by step set the input or output. Feel like I need an interpreter.... but thanks anyway
  17. OK.... "Alpha Masks" are obviously what we need to apply our already made masks! Thing is I still cant get my head around how to use it even after reading through the two links Myrddin kindly sent. Obviously my limited understanding of graphics and programs are holding me back here. What I was doing with simple masks was using the magic wand to select the "black area" then copying it on to the picture I want to fit "on" the mask and cutting the opposite area away and voila result was prefect. As I am enoying this effect more though my masks have become more complex where for example a
  18. I was generalising and not pointing to anyone in particular with this..... all I was pointing out is sometimes even when one does search you could be looking for the "needle" in the haystack and find the "pin" without realising they were one in the same thing.
  19. OK dont mean to be critical here BUT........... Can all the moderator/old dab hands/ masters of pdn PLEASE PLEASE be a little more helpful in these forums. I am pretty new to this and read this board often and with enthusiasm eager to learn new things. I do the searches before I post anything. As a novice who is keen to embrace pdn it's very disheartening to be fobbed off and told to seach. Have you ever thought maybe we did search and because of our lack of experience didnt realise a particular post actually answered our query without maybe using the exact terminology we assumed we wer
  20. I too have been looking to work with photo masks in PDN with limited success. Where the mask is crisp and clear variance between what you want to keep and what you want to disappear its pretty easy. However when the mask is more complex I havent had much luck. An example of the type of mask is this: Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Bark this was where I saw the idea and tried to recreate in pdn as I said after lots of playing and samples I am close but yet to achieve the right look... http://www.jessicasprague.com/index.php?view=article&catid=19%3Aphoto-editing-tutorials&id=388%3Acreate-a-dreamyhandtinted-look-on-a-photo&option=com_content&Itemid=92 Thanks again for your help guys... many hands make light work!
  22. OK using the above response gives a good result but not as soft as the result I am looking for. Using the same picture in the example I have reproduced a finished product and put it next to the finished product look using the "other" graphics program lol.... can you see the difference.... so much softer and with yet more colour in places PDN ........................................... Other
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