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What is the Most Current Drop Shadow Plug-In?

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It's been a while since I've used Paint.Net, and if I recall correctly, the only plug-in I found for drop shadowing didn't work for me.

(Either that, or I just wasn't using it correctly.)

I think that version was from 2005 or 2006.

I'd like to know what plug-in for drop shadow is the most current, and if it is Vista-compatible?

As of now, I still use Paint Shop Pro, primarily because it has a drop shadow tool that I'm familiar with, that is user-friendly. However, I'd like to use as much freeware and open source software as possible. The drop shadow issue is the only thing that is preventing me from making a 100% clean break.

Please consider me a newbie, and a bottom-tier graphics software user. I don't do anything particularly sophisticated.

Thank you for your assistance.


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There is also this plugin, which does shadows like on google maps: viewtopic.php?p=13957#p13957

Note the part where it says:

As with the other shadow plugins, you need to be working on a layer with transparencies. The shadow is applied to all opaque pixels on the layer.

That means that the part ot the image you wish to have a shadow should be the only thing on the layer. And don't forget that the shadowing process can be destructive, so duplicate the layer, and apply shadow the bottom of the two layers.

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