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HITMAN-X- Image Show Room (About Time)


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Well I guess it's about time I did a image room for myself seeing I been here for years.

I don't get much image work done as I never get time.

Here my new avatar and signature I made in 5 mins last night. It's Gary Oldman playing Stansfield from the movie The Professional.

Man did he ever play a part in that movie. I think I seen every movie he was in and his part as Stansfield was the best acting ever.





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It looks like you just got a stock and put text on it :|

Yup, I took the image right from the moive I own. I was going to play more with PDN and the image but when it all came down to it, I felt it took away from the cult classic vaule of the scene. People who seen this movie in 1994 would know what that scene is all about and what the words WHAT !, I AM CALM is refering to.

So because of that, I leave the background alone. However I do plan to do another one when I get time that will be Stansfield and Léon. So that one will have to have more editing.

its awesome because it has Gary Oldman.

Ya, if you never saw this moive then you should try to find a video shop that still got it as his part as a DEA Narcotics cop that is corrupt is just awsome.

how can you have 900 posts when you only have 2 pic's that are made in PDN. :S

I am not much of an image editing guy as I don't get much time to play with image editing. I am 20 years old doing my last year of programming and networking, along with running a few websites, a gaming server, and working a few jobs. However 900 posts is not a lot seeing I been here since 2005. As Ash said most of my post go to the TS&B forum here, were I try to help people who are having problems with there PDN. Other then that I did a few tutorials like the How to Install Fonts, Paint.NET CD / USB and what not.

jiZer remember you don't need to be a major image designer to contribute to this forum and it's people :S.

how can you have 900 posts when you only have 2 pic's that are made in PDN. :S

By helping other users.


And finally, you gallery is opened :)

Keep em coming.

TY Ash, I will post as I make them, but you know yourself that you could be waiting some time to see my work. We both also know my work is not very good :lol:.

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