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sound wave rated medium easy.


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Sound Wave

you will need to install the jitter plug in and the equation plug in.

for those of you attempting your first multi layer project quick

Beginners review




"Setting up your layers"

open new image 800 x 600

1) control + A and then hit the delete key

you should have a checkerboard background. This is what is meant when someone tells you to start with a transparent background . name this layer A

2) add another transparent layer :AddNewLayer: and name this one layer B

3) under effects>render>equations I have marked the places you need to change the rest leave at the default settings, " remember you also should change color to white at the spot I indicated".

hit OK


3) after you have made the equation on layer B make two duplicates of this equation layer :DuplicateLayer: twice...... for simplicity sake rename them as layer C and layer D


time to layer check



"Apply the Jitter"

4) you will now use effects>distort. jitter on each equation layer. BUT at different settings.

layer B


layer C


layer D



"Apply motion Blur"

5) On layer D only

effects>blur>motion blur




Layer A

bucket fill with black



image flatten




sound wave picture



change up.... make a bit different......

use a different equation ....... change any of those red numbers

have fun.


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i fooled around a little.

i modified ur tut (which is very good by the way) used glass blocks and gradient bars instead of jitter.


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Nice tut.This is the first time I`ve used Equations for anything.I always wondered what it could be used for. I decided to add a bit of colour to the sound wave . After the image was flattened I added a new layer,chose a colour,secondary colour Alpha - 0 followed by a linear gradient. After choosing a blending mode I flattened and repeated the process with a different colour.

This one is going in my gallery.




Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

And my Alternatives to PDN

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