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  1. Skull Splitter 7/10 I like it but it doesnt really have much effect to it it seems like it's just the render Plz rate mine
  2. wow :shock: nice work i love the siggys
  3. Heres my contribution Hidden Content: By hippotipus at 2010-02-02
  4. School starts tomorrow! I hate the last day of holidays! :evil:
  5. Quite a cool effect but it is something that people could get just by playing with effects
  6. very cool 8) maybe you should make a tut
  7. Awesome! I'ts amazing to see what you can do with Shape 3D
  8. great pics I like the 4th avatar, kingdom hearts isn't it?
  9. Wow :shock: that really does look like a realistic planet! love the outcome
  10. Heres my 2 they're not too bad and By hippotipus at 2010-01-30