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How to scale image to comp size even though image does not fit dimensions.

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So I have an image that is 863x768 which is about 4:3 aspect ratio but I have a 1080x1080 comp or 1:1 aspect ratio and id like to be able to scale the 863x768 image into the 1080x1080 composition but I would like the image to be center aligned with the canvas composition. Ive tried the align object tool which works for putting the image in the center but I would like to be able to scale it to fit the canvas size which I am not able to do. As an example if you still don't understand I want it to be exactly like how after effects object scaling works where it scales the center of the image rather than scaling a specific side of the image. Im not sure if there is already a way to scale it from the center but I have searched numerous tutorials and have found nothing.

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Why not have the 863 by 768 image as a separate image and use Image/Resize* to make it 1080 by 1080, then copy and paste it, as a layer, into the square composition?


* Not 'Canvas Resize', uncheck 'Maintain aspect ratio', check 'By absolute size'.


Hope that's what you meant.😉

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I do this sort of thing regularly as I like to create custom icons 256x256 and, same size, cover art for things like music files.


Often the 'CD' cover pics you find online are not square so all you need to do really is just add a background layer beneath it. That can be white, transparent or whatever colour suits. Then just change the canvas size to, in your case 1080x1080. The canvas resize tool allows you to tether the original image in nine different places on the canvas but for what you want the default centre option would seem to be all that's needed.


If not just use the Align plugin (Centre Both option) afterwards on the original image layer.


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