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Hello lillorizzo.

The scanner or camera must support Windows Image Acquisition 2.0 (WIA). There could (not to be taken as Gospel) be chance that your scanner is too old to support WIA.

Hath no fear, as usually you can access the device through My Computer and scan that way, or if your device came with any software to scan with.

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I too have this problem. Here's my workaround:

Insert image (aquire from scanner) into a MS Word document (as MS Word supports my scanner).

Control+C copies the selected image

Open Paint.Net

Control+V pastes it onto the open canvas (with prompt to enlarge canvas if required).

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To the question "Why can't I scan or print?" I have already gleaned the following information:

There are three possible reasons. The first is that you are using a "portable" version of Paint.NET -- a copy that is running on a USB stick, for instance. The WIA system component simply may not be installed in this case.

(This is not the case with me...)

Second, if you can't scan, then maybe your scanner doesn't support WIA. You can check to see if you scanner supports WIA by verifying that it shows up in the "Scanners and Cameras" control panel. Some scanners or cameras require that special software or drivers be installed before they work with WIA.

(This is also not the case - of the 4 "scanners" listed in Paint.Net's acquire menu, none show up in control panel's "scanners and cameras" - only my HP Officejet L7880 AIO shows up...which Paint.Net doesn't recognize.)

Lastly, if you are running Windows Server 2003/2008 you should know that the Windows Image Acquisition system service is not enabled by default. Simply set it to "Automatic" and it should work.

(Also not applicable - I'm running Vista Home Premium on a 32 bit desktop, and the same OS on a 64 bit laptop. Both systems are exhibiting the same symptoms.)

I was using Paint.Net just fine until I upgraded to this wireless printer. Is that why Paint.Net won't recognize it? It isn't "connected to the computer" per se, but is recognized by each computer through my wireless router. If this is the case, I suppose can do the "work around" and scan using another program and paste the results into Paint.Net. Seems a bit of a pain for the latest and greates equipment, though.

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There will always be occasions whereby certain hardware or technologies refuse to work with certain software. Perhaps such a fluke is at work here. I'm sure we will continue to ponder on your troubles for a solution, until then, the workaround both you and Ego Eram Reputo use may well be the best way forward.

I'm sorry I personally couldn't be of any more help.

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Windows "Paint" doesn't recognize the scanner either. No does Windows Photo Gallery.

Funny how the Paint and Paint.Net programs recognize the printer (and fax) built into the same piece of equipment, but not the scanner.

I might try e-installing the scanner driver, but if it exists it's buried so deep I can't find it in the installation sotware.

Any thoughts?

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