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Question about Blend Modes

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Hi there!

I have created another great picture in Paint.NET, and i'm trying to export it into my game
But i have to do it by layers because my picture is interactive!

Problem is:
Game development software doesn't have the same blend modes!
There are only four build in, But there is possibility to your own!

Is there descriptions of blend mods? I want to replicate it! :)
Can you please tell me "Color burn" blend mode settings?

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Color Burn

The Color Burn blend mode mimics the darkroom process of the same name and is often linked to Color Dodge as the two are considered natural opposites (Burning darkens, Dodging lightens).

Color Burn increases the contrast in proportion to the color of the lower layer.


The RGB value from the lower layer pixel is inverted [ (255-Lrgb) ] then divided by RGB value from the corresponding pixel in the upper layer [ /Urgb ].  The quotient is normalized [ x255 ] and inverted again [ 255 - ....].

Color Burn generally darkens the composition more than the Multiply blend mode because darker colors in the lower layer more heavily apply the contrast to the composition.  Light colors in the lower layer result in an apparent increase in luminance, hence the colors appear brighter.

The effect of the Color Burn is that dark pixels will become even darker.  The occurrence of black in either layer returns black in the composition image.  Other pixels will be darkened in proportion to the darkness of the lower layer.

All occurrences of white in the upper layer return the lower layer color.  White is effectively transparent if it appears in the upper layer.




... someone ought to write a book :mrgreen:

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