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HaPK's tries and results (AKA Gallery)


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Hi all out there, you can call me HaPK, and here I'll present you most of the things I've done with PDN. Most of them are not amazing, but I try not to be offending so they are mor'o-less pleasant.

Before anything, please visit my deviantART, there I upload more frequently and maybe a bit more organized. Also, don't forget to check out my Portfolio!

and now, less words and more images. I'll try to be as organized as possible :) (Clicky for bigger images...)

Space Art

th_ColorfulSpacedone.jpg th_starcloudoriginal.png

th_GoodMorningUniverse.jpg th_starfield.png

th_PlasticSpace.jpg th_AnotherStarDies.jpg th_Bookmarksigied.png

th_Bookmark2backgroundsigied.png th_Spacebanner.png th_newnewspace.png

th_DobleCruz-paraCamilo.jpg th_Thefarreaches.jpg th_anotherstardiessskickeddone.jpg

th_Twistocreativefrontpagedone.png th_Siblingsposter.png th_VastfulGigant.png


th_abovebellow.png th_weirdOohall.jpg th_Warmemorial.png

th_circuscurtain.png th_mandelbroting-1.jpg th_Twiinswans.jpg

th_newborn.jpg th_Intoyourveins.jpg th_Fabrictube2.jpg

th_Marbletexture.png th_Overlayedeyes.jpg th_downtohysteria.jpg



th_TheEYE.jpg th_SwirlyBall2.png th_SwirlyBall1.png

th_newsphereshiny.png th_mandelbrotworld.jpg th_drarkcristalball.jpg

th_Darkcristalballv201.jpg th_Shinybuttonwithbackground.jpg th_burningheart.jpg



th_Flying_through_the_Rainbow_2_by_HaP.jpg th_NubesDoradas.jpg th_1UP.jpg

th_LoonyScorpion.jpg th_Lunahdr.png th_ShipuchinTatiana.jpg

th_FeatheredRainbow.jpg th_NicolaiMijailovich2print.jpg th_NicolasMijailovichprint.jpg

th_Twiinswans.jpg th_NaturesFluorescenseunadverted.jpg th_Nature__s_Fluorescence_2_by_HaPK.jpg




(This was my very first signature!)

th_Vialsig.png th_Newsig.png th_Valentinesigdone.png th_FractalSignature.png th_PIsignature.png

th_SignatureHaPKpimpededit.png th_newbornsigrezised.jpg th_Twistosignature.png th_twistocreativebannerresized2.png

(working on this... down there...)

own_smilie_by_HaPK.gif RPG_Character_Concept__Ashley_by_HaPK.png



Edit: Updated with my latest creations... but you should still visit my deviantART and my portfolio for more...

Edit 2: I think I've deviated a lot to Space art...

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Just to add to my last year's comment, I'm astounded with your work (in a good way, of course). Your work is crisp, eye-catching, and most important of all, it's colorful! Wow! I enjoyed visiting your gallery. I'm glad you added some new images. :P

Don't spit into the well, you might drink from it later. -----Yiddish Proverb

Glossy Galaxy Ball---How to Make Foliage
My Gallery

PDN Fans--My DA

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