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  1. updated with ('round of) 10 new creations!
  2. This is a logo I did for my mother What do you think?
  3. This is something I did for a contest over deviantART
  4. Hi all out there, you can call me HaPK, and here I'll present you most of the things I've done with PDN. Most of them are not amazing, but I try not to be offending so they are mor'o-less pleasant. Before anything, please visit my deviantART, there I upload more frequently and maybe a bit more organized. Also, don't forget to check out my Portfolio! and now, less words and more images. I'll try to be as organized as possible (Clicky for bigger images...) Space Art Abstracts Objects Photomanips Randoms (This was my very first signature!) (working on this... down there...) Edit: Updated with my latest creations... but you should still visit my deviantART and my portfolio for more... Edit 2: I think I've deviated a lot to Space art...
  5. Thanks Jerkfight. I have a tutorial prepared for it, but it's just too simple and easy and quick that I don't know if to submit it. I haven't seen anything like it here though.
  6. Hi people, long time no see Here some stuff I did just messing up: I just thought that it looked like some war memorial... Something really easy and quick to do, found it by "accident" and this one was just following a tutorial: See you in the next one
  7. This is a great tutorial! Here's my result:
  8. I just saw this... Here's my entry: Small, but functional
  9. My try at his one (If you've seen my galley maybe you'll know why I did this like this)
  10. Hi Wither! I came up with this following most steps from your tutorial : (Clicky for full size) (Yes, I applied Glow at the end )
  11. Hi people again! now, to show you a pic I made following one of Wither's tutorials: ^Clicky for Deviation (full size version)^ Thanks for looking!
  12. :o this seems useful, I'm certainly gonna use it!
  13. My entry for this one... a quick work, tried to go for the funny approach, but I guess I failed... Anyways, here it is: 100% Paint.NET, no stock images used (Viner Hand ITC font used)
  14. I haven't seen any pixel art here, but anyway I'll post mine: I know that it's not too good, but it's the very first pixelly thing I do. It was a pain to make.
  15. Ok people, lots o' images this time. First, some sigs: My try at a tutorial (yes, I read those) Some fractals... I don't like it that much A swirly one, I wanted to achieve something like my current one, but I failed miserably Now, some balls/orbs/circles... My try at Ash's tutorial, very standard. A refined version of my avatar... A world and crystal ball at the same time, hmmm some shiny ball... Something I did today, you won't believe me if I told you with what I started... This one's 3D Shaped of the one above. and some abstracts/random ones: it could be a circus curtain... Something I came up by applying tons 'o efects... I like this one, not so sure to know what it is though... I hope that you like 'em
  16. I have no admin privileges at college, and I can do that. But again, it only works on XP. (I have to do a few 'strange' things so that I have access to the C Disk on those computers )
  17. well, if you can "hack" into the Windows folder of an XP you can do this: install the .NET Framework in your computer. Then, look for the folder in the Windows folder, it should be in a sub-folder called "Microsoft.NET". Open that one, and the next folder too (Framework), there you'll find the .NET Framework version that you installed, it should be called something like "v2.0.5037" (it depends on the version you installed). Copy that folder entirely, and then paste it into the Windows folder of the computer that you want it to be "installed". This works on an XP, I'm not sure about Vista... I've tried it, and it works most of the cases; but, as I said before, you have to have access to the Windows folder of the computer. I hope this works (and that it's not seen as real hacking )
  18. Here's my entry: Source images are progressive, I'll give 'em all: Original Image (taken by me) Edited (not 100% Paint.NET) Final (cropped from here) All images are mine.
  19. Nice cube, but with aliasing problems... nice 3D effect, with some color... I give you a 7.5/10 it's not that bad.
  20. Julia fractal, blurred lines, lens flare, japanese! nice border... that's a 7/10. Stylish.
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