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Thumbnails for forum - not working?

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Hi everyone,


a weird thing has happened. I was updating my gallery and the images were much bigger than 800x800. So I wanted to use "Thumbnail for Forum" from PostImage but they were not showing as thumbnails. I tried several times - never had that issue in the past. :ghost:


Finally I had to use "Direct Link". Works fine but how about the Size Rule violation? Are we allowed to have large images embedded now? They don't load fast, to be honest. :(


And what's wrong with the thumbnails? I thought the preview was broken but no. All I got in the post was a text like this:




Anyone else having this problem? Is there any specific code we got to use instead of the PostImage code?




Right now I cheated - found PostImage thumbnail urls in Firefox (Page Info) and inserted them into my post, then highlighted each picture and added a link (editor "Link" button). It looks like this:


However, it was still annoying to do 6 times for 6 images. So I wonder what it is - our forum issue or PostImage bug. (If the latter, I'll try to contact their support team.) Funny, my previous posts with thumbnails are displaying them with no problem...



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my gallery is  here


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Hi @Vagabondi yes the 'thumbs' stopped working for postimage when the forum was updated a few months ago.  We can no longer use URLS the old way.


1.  If you use Imgur for your images (also a free site) you can copy the last 7 digits of the code, go to the little black box with the green dot in the Edit Toolbar and enter those 

     7 digits and you will get a thumb.


2.  Another work-a-round may also work for us, but I haven't tried it yet.  This way, below, was given by @toe_head2001 for images from imageshack. 



Blue: URL Link to full image

Red: URL to thumbnail image




1. Copy and Paste the URL for the thumbnail image

2. Ctrl + Right Click on the image, and select 'Edit Image'

3. Paste the URL for the full image into 'Link URL'

4. Click the blue 'Update' button


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7 hours ago, Pixey said:

yes the 'thumbs' stopped working for postimage when the forum was updated


Oh, I had no idea. :blank: Rarely used that option recently.


@Pixey, thank you but I am not the biggest fan of Imgur - would rather keep my PostImage account. I figured it out how to get clickable, working "thumbs" from there... so if anyone needs:


1. Open the PostImage gallery with the picture you want.


Right click > Page Info > Media tab (if you're on Firefox) - find the thumbnail on the list (180 x 120 or so) and copy its url.


2. Insert it into your post. You'll have a small picture. Highlight it and use the editor - Link. Add the hyperlink from under the PostImage Share button (actual "Link" or "Direct Link").


It will make the thumbnail clickable, for example:



I did so with my latest gallery update. The actual sized images looked great but it took forever to load the page so...  :) Think this case is closed, thanks again.


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my gallery is  here


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That's clever @Vagabondi.


I used to make make my own thumbnails. The advantage is that you can make each thumbnail a size that looks good for each individual artwork and it can be in any format (like, for example, jpg or gif to save filesize).

Resize your image to whatever size looks good within the forum limits and upload both the original and the smaller version to your image host. Post the smaller version on the forum and use that to create a link to the full sized image.


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