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[Help] Filling space between circles ?

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I have the following image:




and as you can see there are transparent lines between the circles.

I want to fill them so they'll match the border (either the outer or the inner, doesn't matter).

How can I do that?



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Sadly @msh your background on this image is not really transparent, so @MJW's  Edge Expander will not work properly on this.  The best thing would be to have a layer below the image, with the color you want, and then flatten it.  However I've tried to remove the background on this site,   https://www.remove.bg/

but it removes most of the gray gradient.  Hopefully someone will have an idea of how to do this.  I will keep thinking too 🧐



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Duplicate layer, on the lower one, select the image and make it smaller, fill remaining gaps with the line tool, use magic wand to select the transparency, invert selection, and fill selection with the border color you want. A little confusing since its hard to word, but i hope this helps

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@Pixey I'm not sure what you mean by the background is not really transparent.

The image I showed is a screenshot and the bakground contains colors because the transparent pixels aren't really transparent in a ss, but rather the actual cube paint.net renders on transparent pixels. but thx anyway!


@Djisves I actually tried the plugin and it worked - thanks!

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