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control + arrow key + move ?

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so I'm having a brain sneeze here folks.

holding control key down and hitting the arrow key with the move tool active after multiple hits of arrow key splits my image or shall I say looks like it will continue repeating my image as I move up the screen? Is this normal behaviour? I never noticed it before.


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you are sure? I can't recall this happening before. could explain why I always have to go back and clean up those pesky stray pixels.....

so is there a current list of the shortcuts somewhere I've been all thru using search and can't find it. (so I know its somewhere real easy to find and I'm just not using the correct word)


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saw that one I was looking more for the list that has something like hold Shift while rotating etc will contain it to certain angles and moving more than one space at a time left right up or down requires use of shift? or is it control? + arrow keys.

that list I can not find and I know I've seen one.


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if you hold down ctrl the image will move 5 pixels per click on an arrow key, and the image will be copied. If you don't press ctrl your image will move only 1 pixel per click.

If you want to move the image 5 pixels without copying it, reset the selection every now and then. The image will only appear outside of the selection, so just make the selection bigger.

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