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Set different rotation centers for different layers

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I am trying to rotate both layers (airplane & shadow) in the following image by 1°, save it, make next rotation, save etc. etc. Each layer is rotated separately.




My issue is that though it seems to look correctly in the beginning, after 180° it looks differently. Shadow is above the plane.



Is there any way to set rotation centre to 2 points in the middle of both circles permanently?


Since I need to rotate several images of similar type, setting this centre manually for each rotation(if it changes) would be a huge amount of work. I have created AutoIt script which works just fine except for the issue with centres of rotation.


I appreciate any suggestions for this my issue.

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A simple solution is to use a plugin to set up your Drop Shadow orientation and apply it to the your airplane image after each rotation.
( Click on the link below for an illustrated example )


Required Plugin:
Drop Shadow 19 Feb 2008KrisVDM

Creates a highly configurable shadow around an object. Found in Kris VDM's Plugin Pack.See also: #8375

EffectActiveUntestedEffects > ObjectVandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.DropShadow.dll & Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.dll


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Hi HyReZ,

thank you for your response. I'll give it a try.


Eidt: plugin looks promising, though has 1 bigger and 1 smaller drawbacks:

Offsets are in pixels, so shadow is IMHO far enough from plane if plane size is smaller, which is not that big deal, since final images are 48*48 pixels anyway, so they can be crated nicely even from 450*450 let alone my 1300*1300 px.

Bigger issue is: plugin is only callable from menu, not by key combination, which would be more difficult to achieve properly from script. Setting shadow once and then resizing doesn't really work.

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Ctrl+F runs the plugin again with the same settings. Note: You only need set the plugin up once for all of your shadows. This animation has all the shadows created using the same settings for Drop Shadow (Ctrl + F).



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