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How to make an 8X10 photo template

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I'm new to paint.net and i'm trying to make an 8X10 template that I can use over and over again to design my wedding certificates for family and friends.

also I'll be using it to make baby certificates for family and friends. 

I've tried on my own and found it harder than I thought.

So, Please help me!!

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Hello @Ima Learnin (I like your play on words in your name :) ) and Welcome to the forum :)


To make a template to use over and over:


1.  Open PDN and choose the size - Go to File - and choose the width and height that you want.

2.  On a new layer do your design.

3.  Make sure you uncheck the automatic white background layer.

4.  Go to - File - Save As - and choose, for the File Type, Pdn and then click Save.


This will save your template, with the layers you used, so that you can edit and change whatever you want in the future.  When you want to flatten what you need, save as .png and you will have the flattened image.


I hope this helps.  Here is a link to how layers work.

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Thank You for help and the guidance.

My problem is "resolution". I'm use to dpi in  Photosh*p. I use to use 300_600 dpi for the best quality printed photos and I'm finding my pics are stretched out or frame and proportion. I guess now my question is "what is a good "resolution" set for best printing photos?

I'll add the elements and finished example to show what I'm trying to achieve.

well had to resize in paint for posting here, but when I print, it is distorted badly.

Any help would be GREAT! 


resized to post n forum.jpg

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@Ima Learnin

If you are printing from within Adobe Photoshop; it has its own printing utility.
If you are printing outside of Photoshop you are using the printing utility of Microsoft Windows.
(Unless you printer has its own printing utility or you use a proprietary printing utility)

Within the Windows printing utility it has a check box to: Fit picture to frame.
If this box is checked and your image was not cropped to fit the 8 x 10 aspect ratio (2.4:3 ) before printing; it will be distorted upon printing.

Paint.NET has a printing utility plugin that works great.
It is the Print It (Tools Effect) by Martin Osieka.
Here is the link:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/2tc4vk9kc1rvmvv/PrintIt.Effect v0.9.zip?dl=0

(You don't have to sign in, just clink on the download icon next to the sign in icon)

A cropped 8 x 10 image optimized to print at 300 dpi should be ~2400 x 3000 pixels (7.2 Megapixels)

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