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  1. And a Thank You to "HyReZ" for the link for printing. I print from my computer to my home printer 1st so I can see the quality to see about changes that needs to happen.
  2. Thank You "welshblue" for the link to David's tutorial. It was "Very" informative.
  3. Thank You for help and the guidance. My problem is "resolution". I'm use to dpi in Photosh*p. I use to use 300_600 dpi for the best quality printed photos and I'm finding my pics are stretched out or frame and proportion. I guess now my question is "what is a good "resolution" set for best printing photos? I'll add the elements and finished example to show what I'm trying to achieve. well had to resize in paint for posting here, but when I print, it is distorted badly. Any help would be GREAT!
  4. I'm new to paint.net and i'm trying to make an 8X10 template that I can use over and over again to design my wedding certificates for family and friends. also I'll be using it to make baby certificates for family and friends. I've tried on my own and found it harder than I thought. So, Please help me!!
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