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I need help with book covers

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I am a total newbie when it comes to working with imaging. I made some book covers using Paint.net but, for the life of me, I can remember how I did it.

I've tried too work through the tutorials but can't get the sound to work so I have no idea what's going on.

Where can I go to get a step-by-step explanation of how to use the program.


Here's one of the covers I made:



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Your project seems simple enough.
A background layer with text on a transparent layer on top. 


Using Layers In Paint.NET
(information on applying text upon a transparent layer begins ~ 14 minutes into the tutorial)


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The other things you is needing is remember which font you used. If you have many that may mean going down list. If you have big list you still finding it. Then you picking color. If you no remember then pull up old version of picture and use color picker tool. That get the color.


After that you create new layer. It plus sign. Put text there. Then just pick size and where you wantings text on picture. Maybe move it around until it where you wantings it.


Sometimes you wanting more than one text layer. It saying one thing in one place one layer. It saying something else or different on other layers. That way you can edit one part at time, move it around, changing it until you is happy with it.


Now if text is what you likings then it good. If you needings to do fancy things to text merge text layers into one one layer- not merge with picture layers yet. This way you edit text all at once. Then if you wanting things like bevel, shadow, inner shadow or whatever you wantings they all happen at once. There almost a millyin things you can do to text and make it look betters!


It good idea to start grabbing all plugins if they is working. Then you can doings all kinds of things without being program expert. You just pullings them up and tellings it what you is wantings. Just tell it a little more like this, a little more like that and it happening! If you makings mistake that OK. You just hit undo and try again until you is happy.


Then merge text layer and picture layer. If you is happy with result then name and save it. Now you is in picture heaven! The only thing wrong in your life is you no speaking bad English and missing out on all the fun!

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With the text in a separate layer an important or at least useful tip I think Elvis Hbpbgrtnk is alluding too, something that has been mentioned before in this forum, is to use the text layer name to record the font used, its size, hex colour, bold/italic etc. It can save a hell of a lot of trouble when you return to an old image if you've saved a backup as a .pdn file with all the layers separate and text layer(s) all properly identified like that.


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Yes! If you no having perfect memory it helping to name layers and use it as notes. If you saving image as PDN it remember many things. If you saving in other format it not. Even if you needing other format maybe keep a PDN version too as backup.


If you havings to go back and remember fonts and other things from long list it can take long time to findings them again.

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