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  1. I is wanting to know: How you make car so good!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?! Tell us the secrets!!!
  2. It my opinion that you should grab every working plugin. There so much goodness it take 1000 years to use it all. Maybe even 1001! Then you can do anything with picture easy! Get them all and you is on the way to art heaven!
  3. Unchecky is program that stops bundleware. If it there bundleprograms longer prechecked when installings programs. Most people doing installs too fast, not reading nothing and click click click! Hurry up! Then they getting all kinds of things they not even see put there. With Unchecky If other programs there it give window sayings so. Now people seeing what there. Many people using it and not having this problem. This off topic but how you making that car so good!?!??!? OMG!!!! Teach us how!!!
  4. I did have 2 layers. One normal then other multiply. When makings images 3d before with bevel and height map I always making duplicate layers, bottom normal, top effects, after effects top layer either multiply or addative, then top layer opacity down, merge. EDIT: On Brian picture same thing. Bottom layer normal, top layer bevel and 2d illumination. Then multiply, opacity down, merge. After that brightness up little and contrast down little. What it look like is brightness contrast change not working. That look like the differents.
  5. Has anyone else ever had that happen? The picture uploaded is not same as here at all.
  6. Yes. That what I used but when I savinged it Brian the dog look rounder and not as dark. If I could show differents I would but every time I upload to here it change.
  7. I thinking I found settings but when I upload here it darker than what I save. Why that?
  8. I makings art every day and some of it having text. I having thousands of fonts installed and I finding it helpful to keep notes on side because list long long long. Many font look alike but they no is same. There always is little differents in them. When not sure figure out which is close and choose from there.
  9. Here you go: http://www.identifont.com/ http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/
  10. Some of them almost always false positive. Quterra is worst. It give bad result, not explain and then ask for money. If you is using NoScript and choosing between Virus Total and URLVoidscan just know that some on the lists give many bad results.
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