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  1. OK. Everyone who did it there still so much you all is 999 years old! Good jobs!
  2. Maybe you send message just as I edit with fix. OMG it having a millyin things in it! How long it take to make all that? Is you 1000 years old?
  3. It not worked. I copy both dll and full folder into effects and restart PDN. Same thing and it stuck at old version. Also there was no prompt. EDIT: I just also extracted file after it in effects folder just in case. That not help either. EDIT 2: I figured it out! There was missing step! I tryinged it 1000 ways and nothing changing. Then I go for 1001. I tooked dowloaded file AND THEN extracted it into new folder. THEN copied DLL and folder. I restart PDN and click on G'MIC. It take long time but G'MIC window finally arrive. Wow it have lot of stuff!!!!
  4. Help! GMIC on my PDN broken! I tryings to use it and it just display small window that instantly goes away. I hover mouse over it and it saying it version I get new version and it not updating. What wrong?
  5. I is here and is saying something about immigrants and some people no is going to like it. I is here in small town and savings money to move to big city and leave place. It not nice place at all! Town almost all white, and almost all the rest is Mexican. Here it 80% poverty, 80% obestity, 80% addiction rate and 4th in state for crime. If you no is drugger or hillbilly you get dirty looks everywhere you goings. If you getting pumped up and chizzled they get mad. If you wearing nice clothes they getting angry! Here most of thems worship Donald Dump as blessed holy lord and savior. They saying everything perfect if darky just go back to where he came from and it become all white and immigrant like me goings away. Is that true? Here is truth: In region there is many farms. All work done by Mexicans. No matter how much money they paying white worker refuse. It harvest time right now and if there no Mexicans there is no food. Everything rot. Some farm owners voted for Donald Dump and workers vanish. Everything rot. Gotted what they wantinged and now they crying like baby! In region Mexicans refusing welfare. Many no qualify. Even if they do they is too proud and not taking nothing! Idea that they taking away and getting free things big fat lie. Here only white citizen taking welfare. At jim most of people there Mexican even though town almost all white. Never see one Mexican obese in whole town. Most white people at jim only playing with phone. Not working out one bit! We just haved big blackout in region. Almost no stores open for almost half of state. In town when blackouts happen Raleys and Home Depot always stay open in dark. No other big store stay open. What other stores open? All run by Indian. Even if dark and no power they still working and selling what they can! White peoples all stay home if they own or work at business act like it extra vacation. Only immigrant have gumpshin! So truth around here is immigrant speaking bad English like me who making things happen! Immigrant haters and Donald Dump worshippers can all kiss my(they no let me type it)! Here it is! Tell me how it taste!
  6. OK. Whatever you is sayings. Have a nice day. It time to eat and I thinkinged about it. I asking you: How many langwages you speaking? I bet it one. You try others and you have no idea how you is sounding. Maybe I use PDN and make picture of my < no swearing > and you can kiss it.
  7. No no no! I makings bad joke about my bad English! Yours is good!
  8. There many way of doing this. Here is easy one: Make new layer. Fill area or duplicate with green dots. Then changing edges and putting border around it or do in reverse. Create area and then fill or duplicate. It no matter. Then changing transparency/alpha so it see through as much as you liking. When done merging layers down and it finished. If you wantings it to beings even better learn to speaking bad English and that taking it to all new level!
  9. OK. Now I is asking for help. I needings to know somethings: I is having solid image and I wantings to know best ways of making it look like it exploding. What is best ways?
  10. It same in US. If you is accused and you goings to court even if you is winning you still payed $$$$ enough to buy house or car- and that is winning! There people lose freedom and not doing nothing but they no had money for lawyer so off you go to filthy nasty dirty place. Bye bye!
  11. If you was in California millyins of people vanish! PGE turned off power for half of state! We all was living like it 1800s! We all wantings to get nuclear missiles and nuke PGE till they is glowing!!!!
  12. I never tryinged it that way. Thank you for ideas! I tellings you something: I watching TV and movies with comments on. They talking about how they making things and I is learning how they doings things like lighting. There reasons for these things and I is putting them in art all the time now.
  13. Maybe problem more simple than this: Make image whole page. No borders. Problem solved!
  14. Is you havings lots of plugins? With program naked maybe it possible with gradient tools but it more work. With 1000 plugins it easy to give object curves and shading. You just tellings it what you is wantings and it happening! If you makings picture like vitamin bottle it havings many things and it taking time for all of them. Every thing on bottle is little project. You doing them all and then putting them all together in time you get there. It easier than it looking.