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Color change in wooden objects

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Hi guys!!
Need help.
First of all sorry for my english, I'm using Google translator :)😁
Can someone explain to me how I do something like this video?
My question is how to make the color of the wood without making it look "stoned", with the color that looks like it was "thrown" over.
If you look at the tabletop and the edge of the table that respects the light / dark of the light, you can tell the difference.
I tried to do a test but it was not good ... (see attached photo).
To make this kind of change do I have to observe any detail in the image? Straight lines or something?



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If your original image had a wooden table in it, you are well on your way to completing your project.
Use the Wand Tool set to Global with ~37% Tolerance to make the table color #FFB27F you posted in this forum transparent.
Now duplicated the layer so that you will have two layers with a transparent table.
On the top layer with the transparent layer use Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast effect with -100 Brightness and 100 Contrast to create a black mask.

Use the paintbrush to black out the picture frame and glare artifacts to complete the mask.
Place the original image that has the wooden table under the black mask layer and work with adjusting the Hue of the original layer.

Save your project with all layers to a PDN file before going to this next step to have a backup in case of error.

Have the black mask over the Hue shifted image of the original.

Merge down and use the Wand Tool set to Contiguous to make the black from of mask transparent.

Now you should have the recolored table on its own layer to use as you please.

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Here's a quick way to do what you want, with instructions (no plugins required):


Original table:



Select only the table (I just did a quick job. You'll want to do better than me here.):



Adjustments > Black and White:



Add a new layer.  Then select the color you want to make the table (I chose purple).  On this new layer, press Backspace to fill the selection with your desired color:



Press F4 to edit this new layer's properties and change the blending mode to Multiply.  Click OK. Press Ctrl+D to deselect the table:




As you can see, the table is now your desired color.  Do Image > Flatten in order to finalize your image.



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Nice job Bolt Bait. I like it.

My technique also did not require plugins since the paintbrush, wand tool, brightness/contrast and hue/saturation art not plugins either.

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Thank you for your help HyRez e BoltBait.
I still have a question. 
For objects with multiple corners such as a table with details using the lasso tool?
Like the image below.
I have a little difficulty using the lasso tool. 
Thank you once again.



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You could use a plugin by TechnoRobbo called "Alpha Cutter V 3.0.4"

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out
Use the right mouse button to pan & tilt through the image while zoomed in

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12 minutes ago, HyReZ said:

Você pode usar um plugin do TechnoRobbo chamado "Alpha Cutter V 3.0.4"

Use a roda do mouse para aumentar e diminuir o zoom
Use o botão direito do mouse para diminuir e aumentar a imagem enquanto aumenta o zoom



I'll try this possibility.

I saw some explanations of how to use lasso tools and found that pressing Ctrl marks different areas without clearing the previous ones.

Now I need hand and mouse control. Kkkk.

I'm training this.

Got any tips for this?

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Hi @Patri444166 :)


You can also use the Rectangle Select tool to cut out.  Use the Move Selected position to toggle the slants and delete.


rectangle-select.png     ~Click for larger image~

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On 22/09/2019 at 13:36, Pixey said:

Oi @ Patri444166 :)


Você também pode usar a ferramenta Rectangle Select para cortar. Use a posição Mover selecionado para alternar as inclinações e excluir.


retangle-select.png     ~ Clique para ampliar a imagem ~


Thanks!! 😍

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