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  1. What struck me this video was the effect of hand painting. This way you really taught me is the easiest and most practical! Thanks
  2. Perfect The easiest way of all !! Thanks!!
  3. Does anyone know how this effect works?
  4. Thank you to everyone who tried to help me! The help was great! I'm doing everything I've been told to find out which one I'll fit in better. I'm learning a lot with your help !! Thank you!
  5. Sorry ... But I'm having a hard time selecting the area to be painted ... I was able to install the plugin, but it is difficult to work with. I'm very inexperienced about it. I try to be an up-to-date person, I love doing this kind of thing, but I do not think I have a way. I do not think I'll ever be a graphic design learner! I'll leave a picture I'm training with her to see if you can help me! Thank you!
  6. Hello! I would like to change the color of the walls of this photo. I got it done by this tutorial. But as I want to test with various colors I did one by one. Is there a way to change the colors of the wall only once and change it when I want? Thanks
  7. Sorry. This is not going to happen again. I'm using Google translator, copy ans past.
  8. If saving, closing and reopening does not work ... Is there a way to open the layers after it closes? Thank you in advance for your help!
  9. Is it possible to cancel the layer merging? And then modify the work? Always saved in jpeg.
  10. Ok. But how do I do the wave effect? Is there a picture and the white part? Thanks
  11. Hi guys!! I'm new here ... I am new to and would love to clarify a question. How can I crop the photo and make the border the same as the example? Thanks