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Can paint.net read RAW files?

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There are various ways that RAW data is stored dependant upon camera manufacturer
My Olympus uses the ORF data storage system to create RAW files and when I installed the

Olympus RAW codec I was able to open my files in Paint.NET

These are links from the Paint.NET Plugin Index on RAW files:

RAW File 12 Sep 2014cefoot
paint.net 4.x version of RAW File. Note: this is a file reader, so there is no option to save in the RAW format.See also: #15611
RAW File 01 Aug 2009Pebal
Dcraw based raw file reader. A paint.net 4.x version has been released: see Raw FileSee also: #30007
FiletypeDepreciated3.5.11 not 4.0N/ARAWFile.dll
RAW FileType 09 Jul 2015null54
This is a DCRaw-based raw filetype. Uses the latest incarnation of DCRaw.
FiletypeActive3.5.x, 4.0xN/ARawFileType.dll & dcraw.exe (paint.net/FileTypes/)
RawReader 04 Feb 2008Ivn
Dcraw based RAW file reader. DCRaw has been recompiled as a *.dll (32 and 64 bit).
FiletypeActiveUntestedN/ARawReader.dll and one of dcraw.dll or dcraw64.dll
Rawload v1.0 24 Dec 2009avatare
Load *.raw files with metadata using the Windows Imaging Component and preserving the image metadata.
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+1 for a great answer HyReZ


TIP: Use the plugin with the latest release date ;)



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