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Vintage / VHS Effects for paint.net?

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8 hours ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:

Have a look at the effects in this plugin pack: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/30276-glitch-effect-plugin-polyglitch-v14b/


If he's talking about first part, he is going to have  to do more work than these plugin. That effect can be automated though either by c# or g'mic coding. Poisson noise with iterative Butterpass blurring with motion blur blended via interpolation mode could be done on g'mic version. I can generates separate lines of different density via g'mic.


Also, Joan Rake have coded plenty of glitch art filters that supersede these though rowshifter replacement has a internal g'mic bug. Pseudo-ECB(Originally by me) for example can be found under Testing > Joan Rake and cascading glitch is a better version of one of the plugin there. True Glitch can be replace by her JPEG g'mic glitch. Even color space swap and QAM glitch is there.


QuafFlip, and Pixel Sort w/ restriction option is already done a long time ago by the main maintainer of g'mic.


Row shifter is done too, but there seem to be a internal g'mic bug that prevents bicubic filtering on edges of duplicate, so it's not released.


I want to do PNG glitch, but the Perth doesn't seem straight forward.

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