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How do I make images/text equidistant to each other and the edges of the image?

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How do I make it so that the black and purple rectangles are both the same distance from the equal sign? And then, how do I basically center the black square, the equal sign, and the purple rectangle so that the left side of the black rectangle and the right side of the purple are also the same distance from the edges of the image?


If that makes ANY sense.

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I am not aware of any plugin for this, but you can accomplish this task by putting each element on its own layer and then turn on the ruler and move each layer so that the images can be placed to your liking. You can zoom into to the work area and use the sliders at the bottom and right sides to move your canvas closer to the ruler so that you can make more accurate alignments as you position the layer elements. 


New nfo:

I just found this plugin. It may help, but there is not a good tutorial on how to use it correctly.


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Hello @msoctopuslady and Welcome to the forum :)


Please have your boxes and equal sign on their own layers.  Then I would make a new layer and use a Grid lines Plugin and then drag your items accordingly to line them up.


Additionally, there are a couple of Align Object Plugins that will help also.




Object Align by here and yet another here.  And another by @xod here.



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