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Having trouble downloading/installing the paid version of paint.net


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Although I have been using paint.net for years (and love it!), I am new to this forum.


When I went through the process of upgrading to the newest version this morning, I saw a mention of the Windows Store paid version. Wanting to support the developers (and liking the idea of the auto-update), I decided to purchase it.


The purchase procedure seemed to go fine (and my card was charged). The Microsoft order number is 2791353861.


Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the Windows 10 version. I'm not sure if this is a paint.net issue or a Microsoft one. I have searched this forum, Microsoft's, and done general Google searches and can't seem to find any mention of my problem.


When I look at my Microsoft Store account for paint.net it shows that I do own it:



But when I click on the Install/Open button it seems to think I don't own it:




And it's not in the "My Library" list when I look within MS Store. When I select the "Install on my devices" pop-up (from the "..." button) I get this:



I signed out and signed back in to MS and still got the same result. When I check the device (my PC) in my MS account, I get this:



I am on the 4.1.5 version of paint.net. I have checked Windows Update and I have all the latest versions of everything.


Anybody have any ideas?


Thanks in advance for any help!




(If anyone wants/needs more detail just let me know -- I was battling the max post size and had to take out some screen shots. On edit: turns out I had some screen shots -- the ones below -- that I didn't know were there but I can't seem to edit them out to gain room.)



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Looks like you might be using the Microsoft Store website in your web browser.

Instead, open the Microsoft Store app that's part of Windows.


The icon looks like this:


(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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I had a similar issue. The solution (for me) was that my profile on the Store wasn't the same one I used to purchase PDN.  I (finally) figured this out when it told me I didn't have any devices attached to my profile.


I can't remember the exact steps I used to log in with the correct account. I probably logged out and back in again.

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