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I created a rainbow but don't recall how. . .

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Just two days ago I created the background with Paint (love it) and have forgotten what I used to make it (I really miss my mind).


I keep thinking it was: Effects, Color, Selective Enhancer. The problem is that what I used indicated left corner, right corner, bottom left corner, bottom right corner. Selective Enhancer does not have that.


I love Paintdotnet - and the people who have helped me along the way.


May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined.  


mandala flower on rainbow 05 60x40 rug.jpg

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Hi Pat.


Try these two plugins,



The latter is a four color gradient effect - does that ring any bells? It looks to me like you have four different colors in the corners.



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hi @pat71896

Welcome to the forum

Because you have 4 colors - pretty sure it was created with the gradient plugin from KrisVDM. 

(Gradient: A four-color, non-linear "Gradient" effect, with high quality color dithering.)

It is part of the pack @Ego Eram Reputo pointed to.

If you have it already installed you can be sure that's what you used.


Gradients galore doesn't really give you the 4 corner option like your pic demonstrates,

So many gradient plugins can get confusing. B)


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Thank you!! Thank you❣❣ I knew I would get a simple response and quickly.


This is a great program and the users are terrific!!


I actually found it in "gradients" with the darker icon.

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