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Lighting overlay images

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Hi y'all,


Im a building a product configurator so that people can compose their own chair.


What i do is:

- I take the a photo of the product

- Then i put a color (chosen by the user) over the places it should be colored (see the red image):



Now i want to add the lighting effects of the original photo over this one.

So what i want to do is take the following image:


Now i want to make a transparant image to put over the color (red image) so that it looks realistic


What i thought i wanted to do is:

- Take the average color of the image

- Make everything thats brighter then the average color a white spot which is transparent based on the difference between the light spot and the average color

- Then do the same with dark spots but then with the color black


Can someone help me do this?

Or do you know a different way to achieve a realistic end picture?




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Wipped still needs an image to be used as a lighting overlay - regardless of how the final image will be constructed.


The overlay will be mostly transparent, except for areas of white (highlights) and gray/black (shadows). So what we need to do is remove the base color (i.e. basic black of the example chair) leaving the lighting effect.


Here's an excellent tutorial on adding highlighting and shadows



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