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How to erase

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Hello.  I've just started using paint.net after my paint in Windows 10 decided it wasn't going to work anymore.  I have to say that I am completely bamboozled!  For instance, how does the erase function work?  It just seems to draw faint dotted lines, and do nothing else.  It certainly doesn't erase anything.  I would like to select an area, press delete, and have it erased, like in paint.  How do I do that with paint.net?


Cheers, Stuart

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The eraser erases like an eraser does. If you hold down the left mouse button, it will erase whatever is under the cursor -- like a Paintbrush, but erasing instead of coloring. You can set the size of the area to be erased by setting the Brush width.


If you have a region selected, you can erase it by using the command Edit>Erase Selection, or by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.


ALSO: This belongs in Paint.NET Discussion and Questions.

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First Welcome to Pant. Net 2thumbs.gif

As to using the various "tools" I would suggest a reading of the General Discussion  area may give you much guidance.

The quick answer to you question is this, only one of several possibilities.. 





Again Welcome


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  Age is only  a number --in my case a Really BIG number, but there you have it

When the prefect paint.net image is created, I will still be wondering "How they Do that?"- sigh☺️


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Hi Stuart and welcome :)


The online documentation is a great place to learn the basics. This page covers the eraser tool http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/EraserTool.html

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