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Plugin Request: Quicksave (Ctrl-Alt-S)

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I wasn't sure where to post this sorry, I hope this is the right place.

Anyway, would it be possible to make a plugin where if you click Ctrl-Alt-S it will automatically save the file to whatever the filename was:

e.g. 41.png , 13.pdn , 5.jpg , happy1.tiff , etc


42.png , 14.pdn , 6.jpg , happy2.tiff , etc


(if it has layers and it is saving to anything other than pdn it will auto-flatten and auto-undo after saving)


Would that be possible or would it violate any rules?


I dont need it but it would be a real time saver from clicking Ctrl-S, renaming the file, confirming that I want to flatten it, then hitting Ctrl-Z







:/ the worlds worst animatons: "Frank and Guy by Caleb Kerr" unfortunately made by me :/

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Wrong place, see http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/14175-this-is-not-a-plugin-requests-forum/ :D That's Ok - I'll move it for you.

You're right. Plugins must conform to a set of rules. I'm not sure that an auto-increment in the filename is do-able.

How about this workaround:

Ctrl + A (select all)

Ctrl + Shift + C (copy merged = copy all visible layer)

Ctrl + Alt + V (paste into new image)

Then Save or Save As...

The reason I'm advocating this technique is that the new image would be a single layer. No flattening or undo required, and you can simply close the new image when saved to continue editing the master copy.

Edit: beaten by Rick.

Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
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What would be useful, as suggested somewhere before is a "Save All" function that saves all opened PDN works in which a dialog box would appear for each of the files that have not yet been named.


The icon tat we know of that "Save All" function is that of two or three diskettes stacked together.

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