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Need help replicating colour effect

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If you mean that grainy effect (which seems to be the only distinctive color effect), you might try something like:


Set the Primary Color to black, and the Secondary Color to red.

Run Effects>Render>Clouds. Set the Scale to 5, the Roughness to the default 50, and the Blend Mode to Normal.

Re-run Clouds, this time with the Scale set to 6, the Roughness to the default 50, and the Blend Mode to Glow.


There are lots of possible variations that will produce somewhat different results.


(If you mean something other than the grainy effect, I think you'll need to be more specific, and perhaps provide an example of the image you want to start from.)


EDIT: The only other effect I see in the image is the lightening of some of the red areas. That can be achieved by adding another layer on top, making it white in the lightened regions and transparent elsewhere, then setting the Opacity of the layer to around 50.

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