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Creating logo from photo

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I would like to create a logo.

I have a photo which I would like to edit into a logo, see attachment (original is of better quality)

Also I have an example, to give you an idea in which direction I would like to go.


What would be the good way to accomplish this?


Thank you.



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Hi Physius7, welcome to the forum.

By far the best way is to use tracing paper, a small paint brush, some Indian ink and a scanner.

But... if you enjoy experimenting with plugins, I got some interesting results below:



(note both plugins have options for a transparent background if needed).

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I suggest you might first:

Use a Rectangular selection to select the left side of the model, to the midline.

Paste the selection to another layer.

Use Layers>Flip Horizontal to flip it.

Copy it over the right side of the model.

(You might first expand the right side of canvas so the reflected side isn't clipped when pasted into the new position.)


That will both eliminate the tattoo on the right chest, and also make the image symmetric, which I think is better suited for a logo.


(Left and right are relative to the image.)

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One thing you should note is that the white areas in the logo you gave as an example represent shadows in some places and highlights in others. Using plugins to get the effect will be good for making a rough outline at best, as they will only bring out one or the other. For best results, I recommend using the line/curve tool to trace out the key shapes in the picture for your final product using the quick methods as a guide.

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