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Aligning of scans

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if I scan a picture I have to experience that the picture is very often sloping. If I check possibilities under Image I find for a correction Rotate, Flip, etc. but I do NOT have the possibility to align! It is a very useful help and I kindly ask you whether there is a possibility to add this task? Or is there another easy, simple way with one click to align pictures?

Thank you, Lepi 

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Hello BoltBait,

thank you for the Plugins. I could secure these in my Paint,Net. Thank you.

You see, I'm a real beginner - is there a tutorial or a handbook covering and describing all plugins with their hints and tricks to use them comprehensively?

Thank you. Kind Regards, Lepi 

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There is a list of plugins - updated monthly. Check out the downloadable PDF from the Plugin Index link in my signature.


As to learning how to use individual plugins; you're best reading the authors description and the contents of the thread where the plugin was released. If that doesn't explain how to use it - try asking a question in that thread.

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