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  1. Thanks for your replies. Manually I do know how to align a scanned item - I look for an automatic alignment. But as you wrote, this is only manually possible. This I really do regret because it takes a lot of time if you have to scan and align hundreds of items. Kind Regards, Lepi
  2. Dear Welshblue, thank you for your efforts in helping to answer my question. From your first link I downloaded a .zip file, unpacked it as “Align Object.dll” but I don´t know how to proceed – it seems it is not integrated in paint.net The other links don´t suit at all to my "problem". I look for a solution for: I scan a photo and then it is not rectangularly pictured. I have to align it with a paint-tool (symbol of little flag) manually but I search an automatical rectangular alignment. Could I make myself understood? Thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Lepi
  3. Hello, I have looked for an answer in the Forum but couldn´t find any. My question: If I scan an item, is there a possibility to align it automatically? If so, what have I to do, I cannot find anything in the tools! Thank you for your efforts. Kind Regards, Bernd
  4. Again many thanks for your help and further remarks on improving my own practice. I believe it is a good idea to use a more flexible scanning software and edit them by Paint.net. Good Luck and kind Regards Lepi
  5. Thank you very much for your efforts. I see the limits (of the system and my personal understanding of the computer science) and I believe it is the best to arrange myself with the present situation. I believe you also saw the difficulties and maybe you can contribute with corresponding hints when the program should be revised one day. Again many thanks, all my best wishes, Lepi
  6. Sorry, I must get on your nerves as my question is still not yet solved, but a partial success I see . I use Paint.net version 4.0.10 (Final 4.10.6033.29846) Windows 7 Prof. 64 Bit I set my Customs Settings as you suggested. After scanning I tried another scan - the default setting was again on Color Picture with a setting of 200 DPI. When I choose Custom Settings, however, still the 300 DPI are set. That means I always have to mind to change from Color Picture to Customs Settings. And the next problem - this works only with grayscale pictures!!! If I set color picture I have again the 200 DPI!!! How can I set 300 dpi (or anything else) for a permanent scan of coloured pictures? Sorry to trouble you .....
  7. Dear xod, thank you for your help. But, I'm sorry I have to tell you - I changed my settings dot/ comma and kept my former scan profile setting with 300 dpi - no change in the Paint.net , there 200 dpi remains and no permanent different dpi-setting is possible. What's to be done? Regards, Lepi
  8. Helllo, thank you for your reply. In my scan profiles I have set only 300 DPI, therefore I'm astonished and placed my question in this forum: when I scan via Paint.net - always 200 DPI are set. And I do not know how to change it permanently to another resolution. Regards, Lepi
  9. Hello, when I acquire a photograph through a scanner, the first window ask What scanner do you want? There are also "properties" and clicking on this, only "Generals" and Colour Properties are mentioned. The next window shows What do you want to scan? Here exists the possibility to improve the picture quality, also the resolution (DPI). My setting is 200 DPI - I don't know how this value became effective. If I rise it up to 300 DPI it works with this setting. But with the next scanning again 200 DPI is automatically set. Can you advice, how can I set the DPI of any value PERMANANTLY? Thank you for your help. Kind Regards, Lepi
  10. Hello NAI, I really do find it a great idea to prepare a Tutorial even if I cannot be of great help as I'm just a part-time user without experience. I also suggested some time ago to prepare such a tutorial. Many given hints in this forum cannot be found again or it is too tiresome to search for them. I believe, a meaningful tutorial could even be sold for such an excellent software - all important rules and possibilities at one place - great. Kind Regards, Lepi
  11. Hello BoltBait, thank you for the Plugins. I could secure these in my Paint,Net. Thank you. You see, I'm a real beginner - is there a tutorial or a handbook covering and describing all plugins with their hints and tricks to use them comprehensively? Thank you. Kind Regards, Lepi
  12. Hello, if I scan a picture I have to experience that the picture is very often sloping. If I check possibilities under Image I find for a correction Rotate, Flip, etc. but I do NOT have the possibility to align! It is a very useful help and I kindly ask you whether there is a possibility to add this task? Or is there another easy, simple way with one click to align pictures? Thank you, Lepi
  13. Thank you very much. I'm sure without your explanation I had never ever succeeded!!! Now I have only to correct the border, which looks rather frayed, I will try to find a solution. I'm very pleased about this possibility. Regards, Lepi
  14. Dear ELI, I like your suggestion as for adding a border by means of the plug-in TR's Quick Outline and I have this successfully installed to my Paint.NET. I was astonished how you wonderfully bordered my Images. I tried it, too, but did not succeed. How do you mark the irregular contours? I had no problems with the rectangular figures. But the irregular ones? The Lasso did not work with my trial. Is there a kind of instruction how to use the TR's Quick Outline. Again many thanks. Regards, Lepi
  15. Dear David, I have tried again and now I discovered the solution, I haven't carefully read. The zip-file has to be opened by Windows Explorer and I used a ZIP Console. Now I have the Plagin in my Paint.NET - Effects - Selection and I have to try to get used to it. Thank you again. Kind Regards, Lepi
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