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Some questions

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Hello ! I just tried Paint.net 4.0.9 and I have two questions (before I used MSPaintXP).


-When I select the eraser, it does not erase to blank, but a grey-white chess board appears. How I can relly erase something? Only by selecting white color?

-Text has a shadow behind it, why? And how I can remove this?

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The chequer-board pattern denotes transparency. That means you can see layers below  that layer.

Try pressing the F1 key when you have paint.net open and read up about layers - it's a simple idea but can confuse if you are used to XP paint. ;)

or just click this link http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/WorkingWithLayers.html


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^ Correct. The checkerboard pattern is a placeholder for transparent pixels. It will only show up in the paint.net editing environment.


When you save the image in a format that supports transparency (like PNG but not JPG), the pattern will be replaced by transparent pixels.

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