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Clunky Handwriting with missing letters

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Hi all, newbie to paint.net.  Not using for artistic merit but merely to alter slide presentations.  Would like to use it in preference to SmoothDraw and Paint as it seems to combine the layering of one with the more numerous features of the other.  However, I have hit a snag.  I tend to include a lot of free handwriting in my slides.  While this works perfectly well in SmoothDraw and Paint on this same laptop (HP Pavilion g series,Windows 10, Physical memory of 4GB  CPU  AMD E2-3000 M APU  Speed ~1797 MHz, Video Card  AMD RadeonHD 630G, Dedicated Video RAM 499 MB) I find it impossible to scribble using paint.net.  If I write in a single continuum without lifting the pen it is OK but if I write in block scribble where the pen is lifting and returning to the drawing tablet, it tends to miss letters or puts in a short slanted slope instead of the full letter.  I am using a Wacom Bamboo Model CTH-460 drawing tablet.


Any advice on how I might be able to scribble in paint.net  with the speed and smoothness  that I obtain in Paint and SmoothDraw would be very welcome.


Thank you for reading this.

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Unfortunately, Paint.NET doesn't feature "true" drawing tablet support - it's basically treating the pen tablet like a mouse input because it doesn't know how to deal with it any other way.


The angles you're getting come from the slow refresh of the mouse input tracker.  It's not a Paint.NET bug, it's just the way that particular functionality works on the system.


Better drawing tablet implementation is something that is being considered for a future release, but as for now there's really no way to fix it.  I'd recommend drawing it out on Paint or SmoothDraw and importing it into Paint.NET, which I assume is what you're already doing.


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Let's hope someone bought @TechnoRobbo a drawing tablet for Christmas! :mrgreen:

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The "slant" at the beginning of a brush stroke when doing things quickly is, from what I could tell, some kind of anomaly in the Windows input system. It doesn't seem to report all of the intermediate input points around the "mouse down" event. I could not track down a way around it. I was able to reproduce this in a scratch application and was also unable to find a way to work around it there either.


It's possible that using the new "pointer" APIs in Windows 8+ will fix this, but I've yet to find enough time and motivation to get far enough in this to test out my theory. (The Pointer API, like many Microsoft APIs, is mind bogglingly overcomplicated)


You might get some relief by applying this seemingly unrelated, but actually very related, fix for another issue: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28852-line-jumpsskips-to-top-of-window-while-drawing/#entry411991. I say "might" because I'm not sure, and I'd also certainly appreciate it if you report back on whether that helps or not.

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