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[FEATURE REQUEST] Layer Style, Layer Blending options

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Here's a pic from Photoshop that should explain what I'm requesting:


I have assumed due to the lack of responses at a thread I have posted that currently Paint.NET does not have any Layer Styles which the user can apply to the layers of their image. This is a request for that feature. With it the user could draw out a pattern, put in in an alpha channel on a layer, and use options like Bevel, Emboss, Inner Shadow, Outer Shadow, etc to create a texture with a 3D appearance of some sort. I would be able, for example, to create any kind of brick wall I could image, as well as outline the edges of shapes based on the UVs from a modeling program, in order to add some advanced texturing and 3D appearance to a mesh.

If you want to see the use of the Layer Style feature in Photoshop in action, you can download a video tutorial I made. It's the Brick Texture tutorial at the bottom of the list, and you need a free FilePlanet account in order to get it:

http://nucleus.planetunreal.gamespy.com ... p?cat_id=2

Hope to see this feature soon! My thanks to everyone who is putting so much hard work into this program!

- Deathbliss

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That's one of the features I used most of all features in PS, and I've been looking around all day here in order to find something like that. My main problem was I didn't know the English terms to be used (bevel/emboss) ... but now have a nice PS translation website (German -> English) which I saved to my favourites. Hope it makes my future requests clearer.

And YES ... that feature is the one I miss most in PDN.


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